Sheet-Pan Chicken With Potatoes, Arugula and Garlic Yogurt Recipe (2024)



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Very good. Had to substitute spinach for arugula and am eager to try when I have arugula. Otherwise all worked well according to the recipe. I have a tip for the dill: you can freeze fresh dill. Just snip it as you would for a recipe and spread on a sheet of plastic wrap, with wide margins. Roll the plastic up like a jelly roll and close the ends with twist ties. It's easy to remove just what you need for a dish. It's almost as good as fresh and certainly better than dried.


Fantastic! I double up on the chicken, using skinless/boneless breasts, so I have leftovers to throw into pasta, salads, tacos throughout the week. I also use baby spinach in place of arugula. Throw it UNDER the chicken & potatoes after you take the pan out of the oven and it just wilts and absorbs the marinade and chicken juices. Mmm.

Alexandra Lightning

Have made this wonderful recipe many times. I always seem to find another little tweak for it every time I make it. One thing that's good is to mix about a tablespoon of chopped dill into the garlic yogurt sauce and add a good squeeze of lemon juice. I always use Greek yogurt because there is no reason not to that I can discern, and it's the only kind of yogurt I have at hand. I serve this yogurt/garlic/dill sauce on the side rather than spoon it over the crispy chicken skin.


Would only marinate chicken overnight, not the potatoes. They turned brown when exposed to air.
Started potatoes 10 mins before chicken and they were nice and crispy. Put the leeks on top for last 20 mins and they didn't burn like some others reported.
Dish on whole was highly praised and delicious


I have made this dish twice, with excellent results both times. However, on the second occasion I made some adjustments: I used a combination of skinless, boneless breasts and thighs. I used medium potatoes, and cut them into wedges (eighths), which made it easy to arrange the potatoes around the chicken. (The wedges also crisped and browned nicely, which was harder to achieve with potato slices.) And I added the dill and lemon juice to the garlicky yogurt. Easy, delicious, impressive--a winner!


Why not Greek yogurt, Melissa?

Kevin Osinski

Loved it, but proportions were strange. 1 1/2 lb bone-in chicken for 4 servings? I used 4 leg-thighs, which came to something over 3 lb. I used 12 oz of arugula and spread it as a serving bed for the potatoes, leeks and chicken. The pan drippings made a nice dressing for the greens.

The yogurt sauce could also be doubled or tripled. 1/3 cup over 4 servings is only one heaping tbsp each. I added some dill to the sauce.

With 2 tbsp of harissa this was quite spicy, but we loved it.


Great recipe. First time I scattered the arugula over but that created some pretty lackluster arugula the next day when I re-heated the dish. Next time I put the hot chicken and potatoes on top of room temperature arugula and we had perfectly wilted greens, and no soggy left over greens. .

not being dramatic

How do I say this without being dramatic...

This is the best dinner I've ever made. I cook frequently, I consider it a hobby. This meal was simple, healthy, and so incredibly tasty. I'd eat this every night of my life.


Excellent. Served it for dinner guests. I used six chicken thighs and a few more potatoes, so increased proportions of marinade and sauce accordingly. Based on all the comments, I 1) divided the recipe between two sheet pans for nice browning and crisping, 2) added the leeks when there were about 15 minutes left, 3) added some dill and lemon juice to the delicious yogurt sauce (perfect accompaniment), 4) served the chicken and potatoes on top of the arugula.

Brian Abelson

Sublime! I substituted a baking sheet for a sheet pan. The lack of a ridge on the sheet meant that oil dripped to the bottom of the oven, causing a grease fire which I extinguished with 2.5 to 3 cups of water (this amount may vary based on the size of your oven and the intensity of the fire). I found that the fire added a delightful smokiness to the potatoes while the water used to extinguish it created steam in the oven, resulting in deliciously moist chicken. Would recommend!


all I had in the refrig were boneless, skinless breasts, so covered the pan for the first 20 minutes ~ oh my were they moist and tasty. Everyone loved them. Next time will use thighs for an even tastier meal. We used much more yougurt, garlic and arugula, just because, and chopped the garlic ~ grating it was just too odd. An excellent meal!

Sarah S

I used boneless thighs and drumsticks and doubled the recipe, and used a mixture of cubed yukon golds and halved baby red potatoes. I substituted sriracha for harissa, served chicken and potatoes over a bed of arugula with lemon juice squeezed on it, and incorporated the dill into the garlic yogurt sauce. This dish was easy and amazing. My whole family declared worthy of a once a week dinner.


I used Greek yogurt because it's what I had on hand. However, I whisked a few tablespoons of milk into the Greek yogurt to thin it out. With the addition of the milk, the yogurt now has the right consistency of what the recipe requires.


I had only a harissa spice blend from the excellent World Spice here in Seattle. I tossed a couple of tablespoons of that with some kosher salt over the chicken thighs in the morning and let them dry out in the fridge all day. I think the dry spices plus the drying out in the fridge made the chicken skin extra crispy. Also aggressively spacing the ingredients in the sheet pan. I used two to ensure crisping and browning. This is a perfect recipe. We all loved it.


Great recipe - affordable, no-fuss, quick prep cooking, and a one-dish meal enjoyed by everyone at the table!


I never write reviews, but this dish is so good and so reliable that it warrants one. I marinate the chicken and potatoes for about an hour, draining the excess liquid before placing them on the sheet pan. I agree with other commenters who suggest using the arugula as a bed on a serving platter and spooning everything else on top, so the leaves gently wilt. I like to stir in some lemon juice to my yogurt sauce, but to each their own. If I could give this 10 stars, I would.


Really, really good. Didn't have harissa on hand so subbed half siracha and half peri peri sauce (Trader Joe's). Followed other reviewers and added lemon juice and dill to the yogurt sauce (used plain greek yogurt). Also added some smashed garlic cloves in with the leeks. Total cook time for me (with a mix of thighs and drumsticks) was 40 minutes. Did just chicken and potatoes for 30, added the leeks+garlic for the last 10. Serve everything over bed of arugula. Will make again!


I've made this recipe many, many times, because it is so good. But we find that using bone-in thighs with skin makes a huge difference...from really good (using boneless, skinless thighs) to absolutely fantastic! The chicken skin provides fat that makes the potato slices extra crispy and flavorful. Well worth the extra calories.

puree for smoother sauce

Sub carrots for potatoes

Scott D

Add lots more Garlic to the Yogurt sauce, along with some dill and lemon juice (as others have noted). Very good recipe, but found the stated amounts make fairly small portions. Meal prepped this recipe and probably made enough for roughly 3 meals.

m c d

Added roasted cauliflower or eggplant

Robert H

Talk about bang for your buck. Of course harissa is a powerhouse and does a lot of the heavy lifting. I subbed sweet potatoes for the Yukon Golds, yellow onions for the leeks, and kale for the arugula. I put the chicken, potatoes, and onions in together - skinless thighs took 30 minutes to cook, then I took those off and added the kale for another 10 minutes or so to wilt it. Delicious! A new weeknight regular.


delicious as is! Happy to see some alternatives in the comments


This was one of the best chicken dishes I’ve ever eaten! Used breasts as that’s what I had thawed, and it was magnificent. Next time I’ll make double chicken for leftovers - it’s that good. I’ll also double the delicious yoghurt sauce, at the family’s request.


Made as directed. The listed total cooking time is way too long. It came out mostly burned. Definitely would do 15 minutes and then 20-25 on the second part.


Excellent...the only thing I'll do differently next time is to make a full cup of that deliciously cool garlic yogurt sauce and put the extra on the table.


Liz made it. We loved it. She skipped arugula and used parsley. Would be up for trying with arugula next time. Was delicious!

Elise A

Made recipe as written. Delicious! It was a little spicy for my 13 yr old but my 9yr old loved it! No leftovers. Will definitely make again.

Sara Young

Fantastic! My super selective 17-year-old even remarked that it was tasty! My harissa had gone bad in the fridge, unfortunately, so I used ground fresh chili paste instead. Just the right sweet and spicy combo!

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Sheet-Pan Chicken With Potatoes, Arugula and Garlic Yogurt Recipe (2024)


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