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I poach the egg first, set it aside and add on top at the very end. I do NOT understand why so many people feel compelled to comment on this recipe when they are never going to make it. No one cares about your inane opinions about why this is not a healthy recipe (seriously, NO ONE) and how you make your own seasonings etc. The fake cheese is a great addition and when I have some, I now always add it. I also add the entire evil death-bringing flavour packet, plus extra salt-ridden soy sauce. YUM

Barbara G.

I looked through all the readers' notes, and while many of their suggestions for other ways to prepare ramen sounded amazing, I wanted to know what was so remarkable about Chef Choi's version that the Times would share it. We prepared it without deviation. It was WONDERFUL. The broth soft-cooked the egg and melted the butter and cheese, which lightly coated the noodles. The impression I had was that of enjoying a rich cheese-omelet-flavored dish. We will absolutely make this again.


Okay. I love ramen and saw this a while ago and was: naw. American cheese? Hardly cooked egg? But tonight, I tried it. Oh, my God. Whatever is in "American cheese," -- it's not cheese -- melts instantly and alchemically gives the broth the lovely thickened rich texture of real ramen shop noodle broth. I don't know how it works and I don't care. Never eating instant ramen any other way again.


Decades ago, I taught Red Cross swimming lessons. Early morning sessions at our poor unheated community public pool. A version of this was my breakfast. I soon realized many of my students lacked a warm breakfast. I cooked one ramen packet w/egg and half a slice of cheese per student, each in a recyclable bowl. I transported it all in a cooler. You’d better believe it made a difference in these kids lives! Don’t be so quick to judgment.


Spot on comment, Jen! Comment on the dish that's published not the dish one created. It should be a habit to try the original recipe first, comment, then adjust.
It's also hysterucal when people give a recipe 5* & comment about how great it looks, how they can't wait to try it etc. I want to know how it tastes, I can see it looks good. Comment after you make it.


Good grief. Where does the recipe suggest it's healthy? Food shaming is tiresome. Throw some kale in the bowl to rescue it.

Roxy Bonfire

I've been making this since an Army veteran friend who'd been stationed in Korea showed me how. He used the zippy hot Korean Ramen. Tasty! It's hilarious to me that anybody is still disparaging processed cheese. Ask any chef and they'll tell you that their mother's mac and cheese was the best and she always used Velveeta! Relax for Heaven's sake! There's a place for everything at the table! Even American Cheese!


How can anyone resist a NYT-endorsed recipe involving both ramen and American cheese?! It has to be funny or outrageously delicious, either way a win. Result: a nice cozy meal for a solitary evening, when the people who sneer at ramen aren't home. After adding the egg, I covered the pan & let it sit for 3 minutes, not just 1. Egg turned out perfectly poached. And, yes, those slices of cheese-oid substance really do emulsify into the soup: a tiny miracle. Uncomplicated, yummy.

Sue T.

At about $.33 a pack in some stores, ramen is the comfort food of the poor. At many a breakfast, lunch and dinner ramen has filled the bellies of those who have no alternative. As a nurse in a big public hospital I have encouraged my patients for many years to add a beaten egg, any left over chicken or other protein and any vegetable to make a decently nutritious meal. Frankly, cheese never occurred to me but then, why not?


Toss away the flavor packet - it is mainly salt anyway. Use your own home made broth and spices. I like to add minced ginger and thinly sliced garlic. I also like to add green vegetables, whatever I have on hand, like spinach, scallions, napa cabbage, bok choy, bean sprouts, or pea pods. Yummy and turns a snack into a meal.


Oddly, I had all the ingredients for this in the house last night (I don't usually have American cheese, but it was left over from a burger night) and more importantly, no boyfriend at home to judge my dinner choices. I made as directed, and oh man, this was fantastic! So ridiculously, goopy good. I also added some Frank's hot sauce for a bit of sour snap. I gotta say though, it's adorable how hard the "ewww, don't use the flavor packet; add lots of vegetables!" people are missing the point.

Amazon Doc

I draw the line at the American cheese!

When I was little we lived next door to a Chinese family. They taught me to prepare ramen by draining the cooked noodles (no flavor packet yet), then putting them in a hot pan with a little oil (your choice). Sauté them for just a couple of minutes with whatever additives you want, add about 1/2 of the flavor packet (more or less to your taste), and enjoy. Removing the water and firming the noodles up in the oil really enhances the flavor.


Right up to putting the bowls on the table, I thought I probably won't be making this one again! But, 2 bites in and we were both loving the unexpected flavors. All the hullabaloo re the seasoning packet - how often do you really use it? I don't make ramen that often, so I go for it unless I have a packet of something in the freezer to add flavor (which I usually do). Go for it, it's not going to kill you. And this dish is worth it! Thanks.


Shredded chedar works also


Got a cold? You need this. Cold outside? You need this. Hungover? Drunk? Think your life can't possibly get any better? You need this.


I've been making my own version of this for about 30 years...I usually have leftover chicken so I add that in, as well as using more/other cheeses in addition to American, mostly grated parm reggiano & pecorino romano, sometimes some sharp cheddar too. Lots of scallions are a must, & I'm not ashamed to say that my butter ratio is somewhat higher. I added sauteed mushrooms the other night & that was great too. I usually use between 1.5 & 2 cups of water, since I like it a bit thicker & saucier.


Flavor good but too soupy with 2.5 cups water. Try removing some water before adding flavor packet


If you like a little kick and your store carries sliced cheddar with jalapeño, add it to this recipe.


I first made this at the height of Covid home cooking fatigue. One co-diner loved it, the other didn’t. So it didn’t get made again for 2 years. Feeling a little punk after a NE snowstorm, I grabbed the Koko ginger lemongrass ramen packet and did this. I thought the broth wasn’t hot enough and the egg was a little underdone for me so microwaved it for 30 seconds. Added scallion, sesame, spinach and sriracha. So comforting. Yes, American cheese. Live a little. This goes on WFH lunch rotationI

Ziva P

A ridiculous delicious treat and satisfying meal if you are on a budget or just don't feel like cooking. A fall & winter staple in New England.


To everyone scoffing at American cheese without actually trying it… I thought it seemed strange too but decided to give it a try and made the recipe exactly as written. I intentionally got the cheapest ramen I could find. Broke up the Kraft singles into smallish pieces and pushed them down into the bowl. They melted quickly and one it was stirred the broth changed into something delicious. If you ate this without seeing what went into it you wouldn’t know it had Kraft singles in it.


We no longer live in the USA, so cannot get the “fake cheese” (as the kids call it). But we follow the rest of the recipe and this is a fun and satisfying and quick lunch. Even without the cheese, it’s rich and buttery.


As a gluten-free girl, I made this with rice vermicelli noodles. Didn't have a flavor pak, so i used some stock concentrate to make the proper amt of broth for the noodles. Otherwise, I adhered to the recipe. Delicious and so comforting!


I use an ounce of cream cheese to make a creamier soup of ramen.


Made this per the recipe. It was so comforting. After getting home from a cruise where every single meal was awful, I wanted something warm, easy, and comforting. Totally hit the spot!


this has entered my rotation when i’m craving a quick, easy, and comforting dish. i find that the 2.5 cups of water makes the base too watery for me, so i usually end up using closer to 1.5 cups. also, drizzling chilli oil is a must.


So good! Total comfort and quick meal. My instant ramen was a tankatsu and kimchi instant broth. Wish I had this back in college.


Darn - that was really really really good, I ate it all at the counter and I never do that! Momof*cko scallion/soy ramen, 4 min egg (3 min next time), 1 slice smoked Gouda, 1 slice deli cheddar, 2 t butter, over a big handful of spinach - then the ramen. Shot of siracha and another of soy. Topped with cilantro and sesame seeds. Happy.


I not only covered my egg with the ramen to poach it but I also put the lid back on.


I found this short on flavor but half a teaspoon of chili oil made a big difference.

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Perfect Instant Ramen Recipe (2024)


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